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Financial Literacy Platform

Educates community, Banks meet community reinvestment compliance


Provides quality financial literacy and life skills training; access to quality bank products


Turn-key Community Reinvestment Act compliant programs: 3rd party validation of meeting regulatory requirements, easy volunteer engagement, new clients, use allocated funds

Financial Literacy

Banks can deploy our Financial Literacy and Empowerment Marketplace to provide a powerful collection of learning technologies that will engage and enrich communities. Our curriculum builds financial literacy and helps community members acquire skills that will empower them in the job market and beyond.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Through our powerful technology and  live services branded to your bank, community members can access the FDIC’s Money Smart curriculum, mentoring courses, and  resources to build their financial literacy and job skills.

Proven Platform

Our online learning program is powered by Cornerstone, the market leader in corporate learning systems. Financial literacy training will be conducted on a platform used by industry leaders in training their own employees.

Remote Flexibility

Our online learning program enables and empowers your employees to provide meaningful impact either remotely or in-person, giving your organization the flexibility to meet your business and community objectives effeciently.

Validated Results

We provide your bank with an annual community impact report,  documenting the quantified results of your business’ impact and providing a data-driven, 3rd-party validation of your Community Reinvestment Act compliance.

FDIC Money Smart Curricula

Community members can be guided through an instruction of Money Smart, learning the financial literacy lessons important to their success in life all in a game-based, engaging formats provided in partnership with the the FDIC. Specialized versions for youth and adults, our financial literacy offerings enable banks to make an impact across their community.

Cornerstone Online Learning

Our online learning program, powered by Cornerstone, the market leader in corporate learning systems, easily engages users from all walks of life as they complete educational modules, take assessments, and receive the training they need to strengthen their financial literacy and better their lives.

e-Mentoring and Virtual Instruction

Online learning empowers your employees to have a meaningful impact in CRA initiatives from the comfort of their own homes or offices. Our e-Mentoring and virtual instruction platforms provide easy and impactful volunteer opportunities for your employees while maintaining effeciency in your business. We also provide automated, organization-wide volunteer tracking, allowing you to make data-driven decisions with regard to your company’s CRA volunteer efforts.

Remote and On-Site Support

Our team brings decades of corporate experience to the social sector, providing the technological infrastructure and personalized support necessary to help your organization meet its CRA goals. We are dedicated to making your CRA initiative a success and will provide personalized support, in-person or online, and answer any questions you might have about your CRA initiative.

Annual Community Impact Report

We supply your organization with an annual community impact report, providing data-driven results and a 3rd-party validation of your organization’s CRA success.

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