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Social Sector Technology Solutions

We build capacity to scale programs which focus on educating and training people to obtain quality jobs.

AdvanceNet Technology Services (ANTS) is a for-profit, SaaS company operating in the social sector. We combine decades of experience as technology leaders for philanthropy, and leverage our global relationships to create local, national, global programs at scale.


Corporations give us access to their education technology to make positive social change.

Leading global companies invest heavily in world-class technologies to educate and empower their people. For the social sector, these solutions are too expensive and too complex to implement. leaving at risk populations to fall further behind. We partner with both the public and private sectors to address these issues to create measurable, repeatable change. Areas of Emphasis:

  • Education & Workforce Development
  • Financial Literacy
  • Collaboration- nonprofit/for profit community partnership engagement
  • Outcomes- data gathering and metric reporting
  • Custom Social Sector Technology Development


We act as the conduit between public/private collaboration by harnessing the power of corporate technologies. We enable the social sector to make better use of data to make more informed decisions and provide funders a high degree of confidence that their capital is being allocated effectively. AdvanceNet partners with established programs to drive economic change and to identify future funding opportunities.